New Hope Lutheran Church is a North American Lutheran Church congregation comprised of loving Christians, celebrating over 25 years of sharing the love of Christ to everyone in the Kannapolis community and beyond.


Mission Statement 


The mission of New Hope Lutheran Church is to: 

live in God’s amazing grace and share the Good News

of God’s love in our community and beyond.



Vision Statement


Our vision is something that we hope to live out each and everyday, so much so that we recite it at the end of every service.       

As we leave this place, remember to always,

Share God's love daily, through actions and words! 


          Whether you are new to the Kannapolis area, or new to Lutheranism or the Christian faith, we invite you to join us as we carry out our mission in the world. Come and worship with us, come and serve with us, and know the joy of living and serving together as God's people!