New Hope Lutheran Church is blessed to have many lay volunteers who use their God-given spiritual gifts to provide leadership for our life and ministry in God's church. Our governing board is the Congregation Council, a group of 10 elected members plus New Hope's pastor.

Ministry Teams

Congregational Life



Spiritual Formation



Congregation Council/Team Liaisons 2013


James Brown            President/Worship Team

Ron Wells                 Vice-Pres./Operations Team (Finance)       

Sylvia Chandler         Secretary/Outreach Team

Phil Black                  Operations Team (Stewardship)

Greg Fisher               Spiritual Formation Team

Keith Glenn               Spiritual Formation/Congreg. Life Teams

Patsy Harrison          Operations Team (Personnel) 

Annette Sloop           Outreach/Spiritual Formation Teams

Joann Wieland           Outreach Team               


Two additional congregation officers are:

Kathy Hunter           Treasurer

Christine Williams    Financial Secretary